Author: snowdayclay

Shipping Woes

I shipped 70 packages before having a single break! 🙂 But then had 3 break in one month. 🙁 The main difference in that month is that I started buying boxes. As business was picking up, it was getting too hard to find a good quality, proper size recycled box each time I was shipping […]

Fast Drying without Cracks

I’m doing my first in-person sale! It will be at my local coffee shop, which doubles as an excellent art market. I’ve even bought 2 incredible pieces of art from pop ups there. May 16, 2021, Hooked on Colfax, Denver, CO Reading online, people who do a lot of markets say that small things sell […]

Etsy and Other Frustrations

I sell on Etsy, pretty much exclusively. It’s a pain in the butt because everyone is grabbing for the same traffic, each listing takes a long time to make, and of course the algorithm is a bit of a secret. Since I spent 20+ years writing software for the internet, I have a pretty good […]

Cookies in pottery

In another installment of random things I’ve learned since doing pottery as a business, COOKIES! Cookies are little pieces of clay you fire and then have in the kiln as coasters. The main use is to catch glaze that might drip off a piece so it doesn’t get on the kiln shelf. It’s a lot […]

Materials I use for making pottery

Everyone who makes pottery uses different tools, but the main materials are clay and glaze. Since I live in Colorado, there’s an amazing clay manufacturer here that makes their own versions of the name brand clays. Rocky Mountain Clay makes a clay that’s identical to BMix from Laguna, but it’s better because it’s fresh. My […]

Home pottery studio

In October 2020, I created a home pottery studio. I had always planned to have a studio in the garage, but two things really propelled it forward: lack of studio space in Denver and the pandemic. I got a wheel and started making things, but kilns were backordered by months. I became a member at […]